Brainguru eSMS
Brainguru Technologies is an easy-to-use Windows based Bulk SMS messaging software that can be used to send bulk SMS to a list of mobile phone numbers from your PC or Laptop using NOKIA mobile handset* (GSM/CDMA) connected to the serial port using data cable. The list of phone numbers can be either manually entered or imported from a text file, Excel worksheet or Access database.
Ready to use
  • Simply Install and start sending SMS
  • Can be installed on any computer running Microsoft Windows.

Send SMS
  • To a list of phone numbers
  • Send SMS in English language (GSM default alphabet)

Import phone number
  • Import phone number list from TXT file, Excel file, Access database or any OBDC connection
  • Works with NOKIA Mobile Phones* using GSM Technology
  • Can be integrated with your existing applications to give SMS features, SMS alert via CRM or ERM.
  • Use as Customer Helpdesk System (Customization charges extra)